Sedation — Matthews NC


For patients looking to relax at the dentist, or prefer to have more dental care completed at one time, this may be a good option. At Matthews Dental Care we offer a range of safe & affordable sedation options including nitrous oxide (laughing gas), oral sedation (pills), & IV sedation to ease anxiety & provide a comfortable environment.

Nitrous oxide gas provides very light sedation to take the edge off a procedure. The patient will breathe the gas through a nose cone to reach a comfortable state. Oral sedation involves taking a pill the night before &/or one hour before your procedure. A common medication used for this is diazpeam (Valium), which reduces anxiety.

IV sedation provides moderate sedation, a deeper level of sedation than the two discussed above, & is excellent for patients wanting to complete more dentistry during one procedure, or not remember the appointment at all! During the procedure, an IV is introduced & medications are given to relax the patient while continuously being monitored by our highly trained staff. Once completed, the patient wakes up & is escorted home by a friend or family member.

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